Tired of stress and headaches, the Statler by Gammill saved my business and my sanity!


Just wanted to send you a note that I normally don’t do. I had been a longarm quilter for some time and had difficulty with a certain machine. The issues with the machine had grown as my business was growing. Had really thought about getting out of the business because I didn’t think the headache and stress was worth it if this is what I have to deal with on a daily basis.
I looked into a Gammill but thought the cost was high and what if I’m still in the same place. Looked up the Gammill online and found Jan here in the area who when I called her to find out about the machine told me to “just come over and use her machine to see what she was talking about.” I said I had a complicated quilt to do and if that would be alright. Jan said yes and asked the size and I told her what blew me away was what happened next – I told her it would take at least 8 hours to do and she said “you’re wrong, I say 4”. She was right. We set up the quilt and let it rip and I do mean rip. It was just moving, quiet, and loved when a thread did break she showed how easy it was to get back in place and start stitching.
I still wavered for about 3 weeks due to the cost of the machine. My wife basically said either get the new machine or just get out of the business. So I bought the machine and have not looked back. In fact I haven’t had a problem since the day it has arrived. Here is the best part Andrew you always had a answer for me by text or phone every time I called, which was not always Monday – Friday. This meant the most to me in the beginning to now.
I have been so busy that I have not been able to take the free classes that are offered yet. The work load that I am keeping up with would not be possible if I still had the old machine. I even shattered a needle and the machine just keeps going strong. Its quiet, love the slowing into a tight turn and the acceleration out of a point, the perfect stitches, the new software version makes so many things easier than before etc etc etc.
I see my self with this machine for the long term no matter what level my business grows to and know that it will keep going. That’s speaks volumes with me. I hope you can understand what this machine has done for my business and for me personally. I go into the studio every day just knowing that when I turn on that machine it will do a great job and I will have happy clients. Its just that good.
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