GV2.0-18 Gammill Vision® 18-8 Quilting Machine with 10′ or 12′ Frame


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Gammill Vision 2.0 18-8

Gammill Vision 2.0 18-8

The Gammill Vision® 2.0 18-8 is recommended for people who enjoy quilting as a hobby or as a quilting professional. This smooth-running machine is easy to operate and allows you to make superior stitches every time. The Gammill Vision 18-8 is a great tool to help you express your creativity.

Gammill Vision® 18-8
Throat Space: 18″ w x 8″ h
Quilting Area: 14″

Standard features on Gammill Vision® 2.0  18-8 Model:

•Stitch Regulation
•Constant Speed
•Coast Regulation
•Basting Stitch
•Andriod App Interface
•Diagnostic System
•Gammill Breeze Track System
•Electronic Needle Positioner & Single Stitch
•Horizontal & Vertical Channel Locks
•Double Capacity Bobbin
•On-Board Bobbin Winder
•Adjustable Laser Light
•LED Light Fixture (w/Black Light)
•10’ or 12’ Home-Pro Stand (V18 model only)

The Vision 2.0  18 model comes with an accessory box, which includes:

•6-M Style Bobbins
•1-4 oz Oiler Bottle
•1-Box (10) 4.0 Groz-Beckert Sharp Needles
•1-Box Corsage Quilting Pins
•1-Screw Driver Set
•1-Hex Key Set
•1-3/32” Hex Wrench
•2-6,000 YD Cone Permacore Thread
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