FLOAT WHL KIT Gammill Breeze Enhancement Kit – set includes all wheels


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This Gammill Breeze Enhancement Kit is perfect for anyone who would like to upgrade the handling and smoothness on their Gammill Vision or Statler machine to be the same as the newest machines.  It only fits if your current track has TWO BLACK STRIPS that the wheels roll on.

The biggest visible change between early Breeze systems and the latest is that the front wheels on the crosstrack or carriage used to be 4 wheels set at angle.  This kit replaces your front crosstrack bar with a new bar which uses 2 wheels which are a different shape and are spring loaded to automatically adjust to minor track variations.  When you look more closely, you can also see that the other 12 wheels are also made differently – they are stainless steel instead of chrome plated, and they use a different bearing which is why it delivers smoother performance.

You will need an adjustable wrench and a 4mm allen wrench.  You will also need a helper to assist in getting the machine off the crosstrack (and back on when you finish).

This is a kit I have installed many times while performing service calls in the customer’s home or business, and every single time the customer has been amazed at how much smoother the motion of the machine is.  You don’t realize how the performance of your wheels has degraded over time, until you put new wheels on!

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 12 in


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