Andrew’s Gammill Northwest now has more Lending Partners

When it comes to obtaining financing for your startup or continuing quilting business, it only makes sense to get a few offers from various lenders and “shop for financing” to get the best deal.

I am now excited that when you make an application with us, you’ll get quotes and offers from THREE different lenders.  You can simply choose the one that you prefer to use !!   All our partner lenders are familiar with quilting  businesses in general, and so they are more equipped to make a competitive offer than a general lender.  All of them, it should be noted, are offering business (not personal) financing.

Credit Application Form

Your Contact Information


About your Business

(type in "New" if your business doesn't have a name yet)
If new, use today's date. Ex: 01/01/2001
Ex: 91-1234567 If you don't have one, use your Social Security Number instead.
For example, 100% if you are the only owner

Financial Information

Ex: Self or Microsoft
Total from all sources
Ex: 01/01/1991
(There is usually no down payment required, our lenders do 100% loans all the time)
Vision machines run $12,000 to $23,000. Statler machines run $30,000 to $38,000, depending on Optional Equipment and the SIZE of the machine. Over 90% of our sales are Statler machines.


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