Creative Studio 6.0


I am so proud to be affiliated with Gammill because not only do they make the world’s best machines, but they also have the world’s greatest people in my opinion.  Track down and speak with several Statler machine owners (especially those who have had their machines for several years) and ask them about their machine and their experience with the Company and their Dealer.  Soon you begin to understand that this company didn’t just fall into being the Market Leader and The Most Coveted Quilting Machine (my titles) , they earned those positions due to hard work, innovation, and taking care of customers as their first and only priority.

-Andrew Weaver, owner of Andrew’s Gammill Northwest and undying Statler Stitcher fan


Endless Possibilities

Design your own patterns with the same tools professional designers use.
Create layouts and view them on screen before you stitch.
Customize designs by stretching, rotating, moving, dividing, flipping, copying, and re-shaping patterns.
Customize a pattern for a whole quilt or each block.
Automatically fit patterns to any shaped block or boundary. Or, customize patterns to fit any shape block, making irregular piecing look good!
Use drawing capabilities to express your creativity.
Run your machine freehand and record patterns for future use.
Add depth by sewing rings around or inside your patterns with Echo Pattern.
Place designs in a circular pattern with Circular Array.
Quilt around the appliqué, not over it, with the trim feature for blocks and pantographs.
Let the computer design an edge-to-edge quilt by calculating rows and spacing.
Use automated features to easily “stitch-in-the ditch.”
Set border pieces and corners to sew continuously.
Fill sews without tie offs around or inside your appliqué.
Load any image into the software.
Flow patterns along any shape by using Apply Pattern.
Use nodes to make each pattern completely elastic.


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