Happy Statler Owner, Quilt Revolution, Gig Harbor, WA


As I review my many blessings over this past year, I count the support and unending assistance from you as among the best. When my previous longarm was on the brink of extinction, I got your name from a local Gammill user. I called in desperation, as I own a quilt shop and was already doing longarming for customers. You immediately answered all my questions about why I should own a Gammill and set me up with people to help with financing.

Within the week, you delivered and set up the machine and stayed on to give me lessons on how to use it. Thanks to you, I was up and running on my new machine after one day! For the next few weeks, I called on numerous occasions with questions and requests for help. You always had the answers and never hesitated to take time to help me work them through. I don’t know how I could have made it without your support.

Then, to top it off, you offered free training at your facility for my assistant and me to further support the product that I have come to love. The training I received from both you and Susan helped me become more confident with the many incredible things that the Gammill can do. I am now doing custom work in addition to the edge to edge that is the bulk of my business.

I have just completed the 176th quilt on my new Gammill! I now have 176 satisfied customers and am about a month out on new orders. I would not have been so successful if you had not been there to support me all the way.

Thanks ever so much, and I look forward to a long relationship with you and your company. By the way, we have named our Gammill. Her name is Wonder. Can you guess why???


Nancy Davis-Altman

Quilt Revolution

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